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Customizable Modules
We design wireless modules with fully customized firmware that are compliant to industry certifications. Customers can benefit from certification savings as well as ease of production process.

Below are some of our customized results we have built.

From keyless entries to sensing safety parts of the vehicle, our BLE experts can help you create the most secure and safe solution. 

Solutions we have delivered:

  • Motorcycle OBD (On-Board diagnostics)

  • E-Bike

  • Keyless entry

  • Tire-Pressure Monitoring System  


Having the ability to interact and assess is a must-have in today’s business world. This will give you the leading edge to plan for the next action.

Solutions we have delivered:

  • Industrial asset tracker

  • Indoor location tracker

  • Smart badge

  • Commercial beacon

  • Smart sensor tag 

  • Cold chain tracker


Wireless medical devices are the foundation to help users to develop their digital double. Our solution can provide your customers the most reliable and accurate hardware and data.

Solutions we have delivered:

  • Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Thermometer

  • Blood Glucose Monitor

  • Smart Pill Box

  • Oximeter 

PC Human Interface Device

People in today’s world spend majority of their time interacting with digital devices. Providing your customer a seamless experience is essential.


Solutions we have delivered:

  • Keyboard

  • Mouse

  • Trackpad


Gamers cannot tolerate any delay during their shooting, jumping, or dodging actions. Zero-latency is what we aim for when delivering the experience for your gaming devices.


Solutions we have delivered:

  • Gamepad

  • VR Controllers

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