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Your Global Wireless Solution Partner

Let Our Experts Work with You to Build Your Next Market Changing Product


Let You Focus On Your Product Strategy for Your Customers.

Our 15+ years of industry experience will take care all of the technicality of your wireless solution needs. So your team can focus on developing the best experience for your customer.



Authorized chipset distributor for various industry leading IC providers.



Fully customized firmware that are compliant to industry certifications.


SIQORE Service

SIQORE Service is our agile approach to connect your product wirelessly in a most streamline way. Working with your team to make your vision possible.


Everything you need for the wireless solution

Should you go with BLE 5.2, BLE 5.1, or BLE 5.0? That really depends on the experience you want to bring to your customer.

Does your customer mind to charge your product once a day? Or would they like to keep it going for a year? Perhaps some of the products you develop are installed somewhere hard to reach. This is why we have created the SIQORE Service, a way to kickstart your product in the most agile way.

From blood pressure monitor that can precisely transfer users' data to smart badges that allows corporate management team to better assist their employees, our team has done over 100 types of Bluetooth component projects. 


We Are Proud to Make Things Happen for Our Clients Around the World


Years of Experience


Business Partners


Markets Delivered


Industries Served

Let Us Help You Bring Your Visionary Product to Life.

Every product is different and every product is there to fulfill one of your customers' needs. Let us know your plan and we can provide you the most suitable component to make it happen!  

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