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Micro Chip
Performance Chipsets
There are various IC manufactures in the market with different strengths. We have tested and worked with majority of the IC providers in the past, and narrowed down the ones who can deliver the highest quality standard for your needs.

Our Atmosic Solution enables connected wireless devices to have batteries that last forever, or even to the stage of being battery-free.


This is done through re-architecting wireless connectivity solutions from the ground up to radically reduce IoT device dependency on batteries.


Our Nordic Semiconductor solution specializes in wireless technology for the IoT.


Nordic’s reputation is built on leading-edge technology and development tools that shield designers from RF complexity. The company pioneered ultra-low power wireless and helped develop Bluetooth LE standard.


The Silicon Labs solution is a secure, intelligent wireless technology for a more connected world. The integrated hardware and software platform, intuitive development tools, unmatched ecosystem and robust support make us the ideal long-term partner in building advanced industrial, commercial, home and life applications.


The benefit is to solve complex wireless challenges throughout the product lifecycle and get to market quickly with innovative solutions that transform industries, grow economies and improve lives.

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